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Care Labels
What if there is a problem after care instructions are followed exactly?

If a garment is damaged or ruined at home even though care instructions were followed, you should return the garment to the retailer. If the retailer is not helpful, you may wish to contact the state or local Office of Consumer Protection or locate manufacturer contact information on the Internet.

If the garment was damaged at our store, speak with us directly. If we did not follow the care instructions, we have a responsibility for the results. If we did follow the care instructions, we may be able to assist you with a settlement from the retailer. We appreciate and value your business.

Wedding Gowns

After the wedding – special care instructions

Whether having worn a new gown or a cherished heirloom, most brides want to preserve their gown as the most outwardly visible symbol of that special moment in time as well as perhaps preserving the opportunity for their own daughter to wear on her wedding day. That’s why it is important to allow us to clean and repair rips and tears as soon as possible and before storing. Stains cause fiber damage and become more difficult to remove the longer they remain on the fabric. You may think your gown has no stains and is okay to put away without cleaning. Don’t do it. Food and beverage stains (perhaps not even immediately visible), body oils, and make-up, if not carefully addressed as soon after the big day as possible, may prove impossible to safely remove—even by our skilled personnel. Drycleaning & Laundry Institute experts confirm that a gown once worn should be carefully cleaned before it is stored.

Leather & Suede

leather suede care cleaning
  • We recommend annual leather/suede cleaning
  • Spots and stains. Protein stains such as blood, egg or milk are, at best, difficult to remove from a natural hide because leather is also a protein. Dyes used to re-color a garment typically will not completely cover the stain. Saturated ink stains are virtually impossible to completely remove. Our leather specialist always tries to go as far as possible to remove as much as possible.
  • Always clean all matching items at the same time
  • Hides from different areas of different animals are used. A good manufacturer tries to match hides, texture, weight, and color with uniformity. But variations may be accentuated after cleaning.
  • Naturally occurring wrinkles are made less noticeable by the leather tanner through a special process. These wrinkles may reappear over time with natural ageing. The agitation of cleaning can accelerate this condition.

Home Furnishings

We know that creating that special ambiance in your home took time. Whether your home furnishings are custom-made or off-the-shelf, all need a thorough cleaning from time to time to extend their useful life. That’s where we come in. We clean and restore a lot of draperies. With proper care, draperies made of an average grade of fabric can be expected to last three to five years. Sometimes we are asked to clean bedspreads and comforters simply because of their size. Other times it’s because the care instructions read “professional care is best.” Save any care instructions, as they may be on a temporary label or on the packaging instead of being attached to the item since care labels are not required on household items. We strongly suggest that all matching or coordinating items are cleaned at the same time. This way any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform. Whatever the circumstance, we double check all available information and examine the fabric and construction before beginning any cleaning process.

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